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Street Outreach

With another round of dangerously cold temperatures predicted for the region, the Duluth Street Outreach Team is asking the community to help ensure the safety of people experiencing homelessness.

If you are homeless or have tips on locations of people living outside, in vehicles or in unheated buildings, PLEASE contact the street outreach hotline. Outreach workers will assist people in finding warm places to sleep.

Street Outreach 24-hour hotline: 218-461-8505

Winter home for six people near downtown. Photo: Deb Holman

In recent weeks, several homeless Duluthians have suffered serious frostbite that may require amputation. The Outreach Team stresses that overnight temperatures are extremely dangerous and recommends that no-one attempt to sleep outside in these conditions.

The Street Outreach Team is also in need of warm winter boots (all adult sizes); hand and foot warmers; solar or crank flashlights; bus passes and gas cards. Donations can be left at CHUM (102 W 2nd Street) from 9-4:30pm Monday-Friday, or Loaves & Fishes (1712 Jefferson Street) from 9am-9pm every day. For questions about donations, contact Joel Kilgour (Loaves & Fishes) at 218-340-4356 or Deb Holman (CHUM/HDC) at 218-260-7573.

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