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Seeking Emergency Housing

The Loaves and Fishes Community has two houses of hospitality located on Jefferson Street. Olive Branch is a hospitality house for women and families and Dorothy Day House is for men. The main floor of each house is open during the day (see hours for each house below) and all are welcome for showers, laundry, 6 PM dinner, coffee, etc. It is expected that everyone is sober and nonviolent. There are also several bedrooms in each house for people seeking emergency and temporary housing. To inquire about room availability please call or stop by during open hours. Our houses are sober and nonviolent spaces.

Dorothy Day House
Men's House

Open: 12 Noon - 7 PM
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

1712 Jefferson Street
Duluth, MN 58812

(218) 724-2054

Olive Branch
Women and Families

Open: 9 AM - 8 PM
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

1614 Jefferson Street 
Duluth, MN 58812

(218) 728-0629

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